Friday, February 06, 2004

Hank Williams III 

I am not that young anymore, not as young as I used to be at least. But this week I went to a concert Sunday night and Monday night (maybe this is why I have a cold). Sunday night I actually got into the pit (first time in a long time) and Monday's concert was in Fort Collins (over an hour away). What concert?

Hank Williams III

Hell of a good show. The crowd itself is entertaining enough. You have older folks who grew up listening to Hank Williams and have heard of the similarities Three shares with his granddaddy, and are curious to see if it's true. You have younger country fans who like Hank's country-rockabilly, fast, truer to old school country than most songs on the radio. Then you have the fans that are more into the second act, the metal act. It's a hell of a mix, and that makes the show even more fun.

Tearing thru the first set, it's hard not to see the family resemblance. The look, the sound, eerily close to his granddad. Paying tribute to the 'original' country crooners, he whipped thru David Allen Coe's 'Long Haired Redneck', Hank Williams Jr's 'If you Don't Like Hank Williams', and Hank Sr's 'There's a hole in the bucket'. He also paid tribute to some of the new country acts out of Texas-the acts you never hear on the radio (they are 'too country')-such as Wayne Hancock and Dale Watson. Very few people in the place were standing still. The fast paced set had everyone moving, and he finished it off with a good segueway-music half country and half metal.

After a short break Hank returned, looking a little different. The cowboy hat was gone, and the long hair was out. It was hard to tell it was the same man-not just because of the look, but the music was drastically different. Racing music and screaming lyrics, Ass Jack (the name of the metal band) ripped thru their set in front of screaming fans and a small mosh pit. My friend and I survived, with no more than a few bruises and a black eye for me from an errant elbow.

Awesome show, awesome performer, I highly recommend it. If you get the chance, get out and see him play. You won't regret it. Check out his website.


Why does Jerri, the main character, have sexy lookin' girl pics in her locker? Tommy likey...

Quick sidenote 

A month ago I was on my way to Hawaii for 10 days of sitting in the sun, relaxing, semi-clothed, eating fresh fruit and Hawaiian coffee, enjoying my first real extended vacation in a long time.

Now, however, it's less than 20 degrees out, there's a couple inches of snow ion the ground, and I am sitting at home, hacking up phlegm and snot, blowing my nose every 5-6 minutes. I just started Season 1 of Comedy Central's 'Strangers with Candy'. Good times. Here's my list of accomplishments for the day:

Checked email.
Watched the movie 'Traffic'.
Surfed news sites on the web
Checked email again
Ate 3 hard boiled eggs with Cholula
Begged my girlfriend to bring me some soup and kleenex
Read some of my book: 'Who Stole the News' (good book)
Drooled some snot on my girlfriend who was nice enough to bring me soup and kleenex
Slurped some soup while reading my book
Checked my email
Zipped thru more news sites on the web
Tried to watch Britney's video 'Boys'. Too grainy and jumpy. Foiled!
Blogging while watching SWC.

How is that for an exciting day?

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